Welcome to University of Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Ltd., Legon. We pride ourselves as being the most viable Credit Union in the country.

University of Ghana Co-operative Credit Union has gone through several evolutionary stages and has made significant achievements in the past and now stands out as one the most outstanding Credit Union in the country.

Providing satisfaction to over 5,600 members through member education, high interest on member savings and prompt loan delivery. We make a difference in the lives of members, dependents and the community at large.

  1. Loan Account
  2. Shares Account
  3. Savings Account
  4. Fixed Deposit Account
  5. UG Flexy Account
A member can access 2.5 times his or her accumulatd savings as loans subject to his or her repayment ability.
The CU membership begins with a share account. A minimum of Ghc 500.00 gives you a full membership right.
The Union provides opportunity for members to save and get an average return of 3.75% per quarter on minimum balance in the quarter.
Allocate a fixed time period and set aside your lump sum of money for that fixed period to earn competitive interest rates in a Term/Fixed Deposit Account.
You can draw your benefits (wages, salaries, pensions, credit union savings and loans) through the Credit Union Flexy Account.


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