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Hassle-free borrowing, low interest rates

The University of Ghana’s Co-operative Credit Union loans are designed to meet the needs of our members. Our loans are designed for members that need to access funds to finance building, home improvement projects, businesses, funeral, medical, and other items. Our loans are also available for purposes such as personal or business travel, education expenses, medical expenses, debt consolidation and more.

You can save while servicing your loan. You can borrow an agreed amount for a future investment and use the deposited funds as security for the loan. We give members a higher rate of interest on the deposited funds to maximize the savings benefit. Our loans are offered repayment on the reducing balance basis. As your outstanding balance decreases, you can access additional funds up to your maximum limit.

A member can access 2.75 times his or her accumulated savings as loans subject to his or her repayment ability. Members could apply for new loans whiles servicing the old loan.

Repayment for facilities above GH¢19,999.00 is thirty-six months and amounts below is twenty four to thirty months. The interest rate on loan is 2.25% per month on the diminishing balance.

Call or come in and speak with any of our officers to find out more on our loans. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to give us a call, pass by the Union’s office or send us an email and one of our member care officers will be happy to assist you.



Our interest rate is 2.25% per month, on reducing balance or diminishing returns method, UNLIKE the minimum of 3% per month offered by other financial institutions.


Members have a minimum 2 - 2 ½ years and a maximum 3 years to pay back the loan amount.


You can get a loan within 48 hrs, compared to the two - three week duration of other financial institutions.


Our loans do not require extra charges such as insurance fees.


Our loans do not require guarantors or collateral, but other financial institutions demand them.

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